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Journal of Agriculture Faculty
(ISSN: 2147–8384 )

Pulication Ethics

''COMU Journal of Agriculture Faculty'' publishes national and international original research articles in all areas of Agriculture as well as the scientific, technological modernity and the compilation method of works.
This journal is published twice a year but this number can be changed in accordance with the decision of the ''Editorial Board''. Firstly, articles shall be subjected to prior review by the ''Editor in Chief''. The ''Editorial Board'' is entitled to reject the articles not intended to be published in the journal. Articles have been taken into consideration are sent to the two reviewers of "Advisory Board" of the journal for peer-review. Acceptance of the articles for publication in accordance with the opinions of the referees is decided by the "Editorial Board". The publication order, acceptance and arrival dates of articles taking into account are determined by the "Editorial Board" of journal.
        Manuscript should be written in Turkish or English language. It must be clear and concise. A maximum of two articles with the same first name of an author will be published in the same issue of journal. Copyright fees will not be paid to the published articles. All articles must be written in accordance to the instructions of journal. Manuscripts that are not according to the writing rules and instructions of our journal shall be returned to the corresponding author for revision. The postal and e-mail addresses of the corresponding author should be indicated at the end of the first page of the article. The nature of work of sending article should be explained by the corresponding author.
        Corresponding author must submit two photo copies of article (if sending via snail mail) along with a signed certificate (copyright form) indicates that the work has not been published elsewhere and not sent for publication in another journal. The authors must also sign the "Copyright Form" which indicates that the ''COMU Journal of Agriculture Faculty'' has reserved all rights to publish their articles. Manuscripts along with all the figures, photographs, tables; etc. must be sent through the email address of the journal for publication. If the articles are taken from the undergraduate, master, PhD theses work or from any project should be specified by a footnote in the article. It is assumed that author(s) agree with the contents and form of the manuscript, and also responsible for the validity and originality of data contained therein.
           Publishing an article in ''COMU Journal of Agriculture Faculty'' requires Article Publication Cost that will be billed to the corresponding author upon acceptance of the article for publication. The publication charges for per article is 60 TL for the year 2013. The corresponding author will be informed about the bank account for depositing the publication cost after receiving article through the email address of journal.