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Journal of Agriculture Faculty
(ISSN: 2147–8384 )

About This Journal

Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Faculty of Agriculture was established in 1995. Our faculty has gained great development so far from that years to our present days. However, the unavailability of a journal was making upset our young scholars and academic staff who work in the field of agriculture with devotion, and they were facing problem for finding a suitable place to publish their research works which were conducted under the conditions of Çanakkale. Shaping and formation of this journal has been started in July 2012. An official letter indicating the completion of the preparations for journal has been delivered by us to the Dean, Faculty of Agriculture in December 11, 2012. Our journal started its publication life officially in May 14, 2013 after taking ISSN: 2147 – 8384. The journal was welcomed with great interest and love in the academic community. The large number of research and compilation kind of articles were reached to our journal in a very short period of time. Our basic goal, as we take the first step, is the continuation of the publication life of our journal with more strength along with last years, and also to provide important scientific contributions in the field of agriculture of our university as well as Çanakkale province. On this occasion, we offer our eternal gratitude to all our friends who contributed to the preparation and organization of our journal, and also who have made the arbitration. 


On behalf of the Editorial Board

Associate Prof. Dr. Alper DARDENİZ
COMU Journal of Agriculture Faculty