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Journal of Agriculture Faculty
(ISSN: 2147–8384 )

Author Guidelines

Articles should not exceed 8 pages and page margin should be prepared as 2.5 cm on each side. However, the number of pages can be increased in case of especially specified by the author (s) with the permission of 'Editorial Board'. Paragraphs should be started with a space of 1.25 cm.

An article must consist of the following main headings submitted for publication in our journal;
   •     Title,
   •     Author (s) Information,
   •     Abstract, 
   •     Keywords,
   •     Introduction,
   •     Materials and methods,
   •     Results and Discussion (may also be submitted separately),
   •     Conclusions,
   •     Acknowledgments,
   •     References,
       Title:     The first page should contain the full title in sentence case not exceeding 15 words. The first letter of each word in the title should be capitalized. The title must be written using ‘Times New Roman' 14 font size, bold, , single-spaced and justified type on the page.
Author (s) Information: The full names of the authors (without specifying designation) should be written using ‘Times New Roman', 11 font size, bold, single-spaced and center-justified on the page, and the first letter of author (s) first and last names should be capitalized. The mailing and email addresses of the author (s) must be cited exponentially with the number on the end of the last character of the last names. Authors' addresses and the email address of the corresponding author should be written just below the names of author (s) as a footnote using ‘Times New Roman', 9 font size and left-justified.

      Abstract: Each of Turkish and English abstracts should not exceed 200 words. English abstract title should be written using 'Times New Roman', 12 font sizes and single-spaced as center-justified. Turkish and English abstracts should be prepared using 'Times New Roman', 10 font size and single-spaced as justified type. Article in Turkish should be included to a comprehensive abstract in English as to the article in English with a comprehensive abstract in Turkish.

      Keywords: The first letters of each keyword should be capitalized following small letters written in the same language of abstract as left-justified. Keywords should not exceed 6 words.

       Introduction: This section should provide information on importance of the problem and clear objective of the study. It must highlight background of the problem in the light of recent literature, hypothesis to be tested and objectives. All subsections and the text should be written using 'Times New Roman', 11 font size and single-spaced as justified type.

        Materials and methods: All procedures, analytical methods, experimental design and preliminary materials should be to the point and explicit. This part should also contain sufficient detail so that all procedures can be repeated. It can be divided into subsections if several methods are described, and all subsections and the text should be written using 'Times New Roman', 11 font size and single-spaced as justified type.

        Results and Discussion: This section may each be divided by subheadings or may be combined. The results from the experiment including their statistical detail should be presented graphically or in table form. In this section, results obtained should be recorded in text form and table data should not be repeated. Detailed discussion with relevant references preferably most recent citation should be included. Discussion should be logical and reflecting the originality of the contribution and findings discussed in the light of most recent literature. All subheadings and the text should be written using 'Times New Roman', 11 font size and single-spaced as justified type.

        Conclusions: This section should be brief and clearly explain the essence of the work highlighting its importance and relevance. It should be written using 'Times New Roman', 11 font size and single-spaced as justified type.

        Acknowledgments: If necessary, it should be as short as possible. All acknowledgments should be written using 'Times New Roman', 9 font size and single-spaced as justified type.

       References: References should be provided at the end of the article alphabetically based on the authors' last names in its original language with a space of 1.25 cm. All references should be written using 'Times New Roman', 10 font size and single-spaced as justified type.

List of references should be arranged in the following style:-

       Journal articles
      Tonguç, M., Erbaş, S., 2012. Evaluation of fatty acid compositions and seed characters of common wild plant species of Turkey. Turk J Agric For 36: 673–679.
Tuna, M., Vogel, K.P., Arumuganathan, K., Gill, K.S., 2001. DNA content and ploidy determination of bromegrass germplasm accessions by flow cytometry. Crop Sci 41: 1629–1634.
Dardeniz, A., Gökbayrak, Z., Müftüoğlu, N.M., Türkmen, C., Beşer, K., 2008. Cane quality determination of 5BB and 140Ru grape rootstocks. Europ. J. Hort. Sci. 73 (6): 254–258.

        Shredin, J., White, E.B., 2009. Application of Probiotics in Poultry Production. 1st ed.McNamara, New York, USA.
Dole, J.M., Wilkins, H.F., 2005. Floriculture: Principles and Species. 2nd ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ, USA: Prentice Hall.

          Conference proceedings
         Dobermann, A., 2007. Nutrient use efficiency–measurement and management. In: Krauss A, Isherwood K, Heffer P, editors. Proceedings of the IFA International Workshop on Fertilizer Best Management Practices, 7–9 March 2007; Brussels, Belgium. Paris, France: International Fertilizer Industry Association, pp. 1–28.
       Tefon, B.E., 2012. Towards whole cell immunoproteome and subproteomes of Bordetella pertussis. PhD, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.

     If information is taken from any web page on internet (except articles taken from internet and published in journals), the complete address of web site and acquisition date must be written in reference section, and it should be named as ''Anonymous''.

       Figure and Tables

      All illustrations (photographs, drawings, graphs, etc.), not including tables, must be labelled ''Figure.'' Figures must be neat, clear and according to the offset printing technique while the photographs must be in TIFF or JPEG format. Each table and figure should be cited after referring to the text. 
All tables and figures should be cited in a consecutive order throughout the paper (Table 1., Figure 1.). Figures and tables must be located within the writing portion. Table titles should be justified on its upper side as to the figure captions just below the figures. The font used in table and figure headings should be ‘Times New Roman', 10 font size but not written bold. Tables and figures, including caption, title, column heads, and footnotes should be no smaller than 8 font size. The tables and figures themselves should be given at the end of the text only, after the references, not in the running text.
Symbols and Abbreviations
Abbreviations and symbols used in the text first time should be described. Abbreviations must not be used in the title and subheadings of the article.

      Formulas should be in consecutive order and the number of formula should be shown beside itself as right-justified.